Professional development to leverage your safety influence

Be a true safety professional

Help with the process

Study techniques

Support along the way

Ensure you are becoming the most qualified safety professional possible. Gain a trusted advisor that aims to build safety through influence.
In Dr. Snyder’s research, Philosophia Soteria: How Occupational Safety and Health Professionals Influence Decision Makers (2018), he defines the OSH professional of the future as someone who “will transform into an adaptive facilitator, demonstrating the capacity to influence workplace safety and health decision making through a consultancy empowered by an interdisciplinarity confluence of safety science and art competencies.”

As your trusted mentor, Daniel will:

  1. Establish a trustworthy client relationship
  2. Determine your professional goals
  3. Collaboratively formulate an action plan
  4. Actively listen
  5. Share expertise and feedback as needed
  6. Celebrate successes

As a recognized BCSP Professional Advancement Mentor and former owner and CEO of SPAN International Training, Dr. Snyder will help you gain confidence and advance your career through experience, education, and examination.

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